Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fashion Trend :: The Jumpsuit

Good Tuesday morning ladies (and the two gentlemen who only read this because they are married to us)!  A few weeks ago we had a few lovely days that made us think fall was right around the corner.  Wrong.  Mother nature tricked us again.  It's hot and humid and dreary today, which only makes me more ready for fall weather, college football, jeans, sweaters and all of those adorable fall outfits.

One piece I've seen popping up is the jumpsuit - which I LOVE.  It's so easy, but looks incredibly chic.  Here are a few favorites I found...

'Dezi' Blouson Jumpsuit

Geo Print Jumpsuit (Juniors)

Are y'all digging the jumpsuit look?  Have y'all found any out there that are just too good to pass up?  Let us know!

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