Friday, September 26, 2014

Layered Rugs

I love the look of layered rugs.  It adds an extra texture to the room and a bit of depth.  I started rearranging our living room last night (hello, four months later) and I'm planning on using the rug that was originally in there and layering it with another natural jute rug we have.  I've had layered rugs on my brain and have been looking at some inspiration photos so I thought I'd share with y'all...

DM Living room- Layred cowhide with jute rug, patterened ottoman, slipcover sofa-

EJ Interiors - living rooms - Cowhide rug, Pottery Barn sisal rug, rustic wood coffee table, bricklayer's table, white slipcovered sofa, layered rugs, Horchow mirror, abstract artwork, glass lamp, imperial trellis printed pillows, wood candlesticks, Duralee fabric,

Mediterranean - Layered rugs and a brass floor lamp in a bedroom with french doors and deep-brown walls

Street Scene Vintage: Home Decor Trends: Layered Rugs


a beautifully simple, fresh, open, neutral bedroom
via domaine

via apartment therapy

Layered Rugs - A pair of upholstered armchairs atop layered rugs
via lonny

Layered Rugs - A gold faux-bamboo coffee table atop layered rugs
via lonny

via sanctuary decor

I've switched around our living room and rearranged several things. I love rearranging furniture!  It just makes the space seem new and fresh without having to go out and buy all new stuff.  Once I have a few things in place, I'll be sure to post pictures!

We're headed up to Mentone, Alabama, on Saturday for a good friend's wedding.  I just know it's going to be beautiful and the setting will be picturesque.  Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hunting: Black Leather Wedge Booties

Last year, DV by Dolce Vita came out with the 'Gino' bootie and I immediately loved them, pinned them and purchased them (especially after Maeci told me she already had them and loved them).  Maeci and I both have them in the cognac color...
Since I'm shorter and have shorter legs, I need to stick with booties that hit at the ankle and not above it so it it elongates my legs and doesn't cut them off.  I was bummed that these booties didn't come in a plain black leather - they came in the cognac, black suede and a black leather with a leopard back.  So now I'm on the hunt for a comfortable pair of black leather wedge booties.  I've found a few options that seem to fit the bill...

What do you think?  Did I miss any options out there?  Have you found some I need to try?  If so, send them my way!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Coats for Under $100

Despite the fact that it's still blazing hot here in Alabama, my mind has been on fall fashion. Fall clothes are so fun, and a great coat is just the cherry on top. Below are a few choices for under $100. You can't beat that!


Down Jacket: This down jacket comes in three colors and is only $99!


Wool-Blend Coat: This a great dressy, knee-length coat for only $99.

Long Blazer: I love blazers, and this blue beauty is only $60!

Faux Leather Moto Jacket: The leather moto jacket is really on trend right now. Get the look for only $98!

Quilted Jacket: Get the look of the classic Burberry quilted jacket at a fraction of the price at only $84!

Which is your favorite? Do you prefer to spend more money on outerwear or buy something new each year?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kelley's Makeup Routine

Happy Humpday!  Like my skincare regimen, my makeup routine is pretty simple, too - I stick with the basics, but I do use a few items to enhance my makeup.  There's a few products I've used for years, and then there are a few items I switch up when I run out of the current product I'm using. Let's get down to business...
1.  Clinique Even Better Foundation - I've been using this foundation for about three years now.  It's really smooth and goes on nicely. It's not super thick or cakey. It covers and evens out my skin tone beautifully.  On the weekends, if I'm just running errands I'll squeeze just a bit of my Oil of Olay moisturizer I mentioned yesterday on my palm, add just a smidge of this foundation and combine together to create an easy tinted moisturizer.

2.  Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener - I've just recently started using this product, but I'm already really loving it.  It brightens my under eyes and leaves them feeling moisturized.  Like Maeci, I have trouble with dark circles under my eyes and this product seems to be helping.  It looks a bit shimmery in the tube, and although it has some shimmer in it, it doesn't look that way once you have it on. Then I just put on a little of my under eye concealer on top.

3.  Lancome Maquicomplet Concealer - I loooove this concealer. It comes in several colors so it matches almost every complexion. It goes on smooth and doesn't leave you with rings around your eyes like some do.  It doesn't cake or leave creases and stays on all day long. I just do one dot under each eye, spread in a triangle shape under my eye, then add one more dot under each eye and pat until it is blended.  I also use this for any blemishes or spots.

4.  Lancome Translucence Face Powder - I tried several powders before I started using this one a few years ago. It's not a heavy powder, but works beautifully to set your foundation and leave you with a flawless matte finish (that doesn't look too matte). My mom used this powder for years and now I can totally see why.  It's great on its own and looks effortless when used to set your foundation.

5.  Lancome Blush Subtil in 'Blushing Tresor' - I actually just purchased this beauty last weekend, so it's new to me, but I can already tell it's going to be a keeper.  It's a beautiful fall tone - rosy pink with a gold shimmer to it.  I'm a big fan of blushes with a bit of shimmer. I love the way the light reflects on my cheeks and it almost gives it a dewey look without actually being dewey. I just apply it using this big powder brush to give it more of a natural sunkissed look.

6.  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - If you get nothing else from this post, then at least go purchase this amazing eyeshadow primer.  It only takes the tiniest amount so the bottle lasts forever. I refuse to put on eyeshadow anymore unless I use this first.  It sets the shadow in place and doesn't budge all day long.  It doesn't get into your creases either so the shadow looks perfect.

7.  Urban Decay Eyeshadow - I started using these eyeshadows earlier this year and really love them.  They have a great velvety texture to them.  My go-to color is "Sin" which is a shimmery champagne color that blends into my skin tone leaving my eyeshadow perfect for daytime.  I also love their Naked3 palette which has rose gold tones in it.  If I want to amp up the daytime shadow look, I add a little of the "Mugshot" color to my outer corners and blend.

8.  Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner - I don't wear this eyeliner every day, but I do wear it often.  It is stunning with green eyes (which I have), but looks great on anyone.  It's a dark violet so it doesn't look crazy purple on you.  I just use an eyeliner brush to swipe it on close to the lash line.  It's a gel type cream so it goes on smoothly.

6.  Benefit They're Real Mascara - Maeci talked about this mascara in her rundown, but I started using it again recently. I seem to go back and forth with mascaras, only because it seems like my lashes get used to whatever I'm currently wearing and it doesn't work as well over time (tell me that's not just me...).  This mascara goes on and stays on, and I especially love the tip of the brush - it's great for getting into the corners of your lashes and close to the lash line.  It doesn't flake at all. My only complaint would be that it is a little hard to get off with just my face wash. I use this eye makeup remover though and it comes off like a charm.

7.  Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse - Confession: I fill in my eyebrows.  They aren't as full as they used to be and this brow mousse is amazing for filling them in without looking like a totally filled them in. The mousse is light and airy. Using the brush it came with, I just add a little to the angled brush filling in from the center bottom across then center top across and inside. Then I just brush over it to blend with the other end of the brush.

8.  Trish McEvoy Lipstick - This is my all-time favorite lipstick.  It goes on beautifully and the colors are always perfect.  My two favorites are 'Precious Pink' and 'Sheer Mulberry.' 'Precious Pink' is a light pink that goes on looking very natural.  You can see me wearing it here on my old blog.  The 'Sheer Mulberry' is a natural merlot/mulberry color that is perfect for fall and winter.  I'll be wearing it all the time!

And that's it!  What are your makeup go-to's? Any favorites we should know about?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kelley's Skincare Regimen

Maeci shared her skincare routine with y'all last week, so now it's my turn to share my skincare routine with y'all!  My skin is normal to dry and I don't get blemishes often - and I like keeping it that way.  Admittedly, I keep my skin routine simple - and that's mostly because I know myself.  I know if things get too convoluted with my routine I'll get overwhelmed with the amount of products and just give up.  So with my simple routine, here are my go-to items:
1.  Rodan + Fields Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask - I have never used a product that I could visibly see results within the first few days of using it - and I could certainly see results with this one!  It's a bit on the pricier side, but I will say it is hands down worth the splurge.  I've been lucky in the skin department and rarely get a blemish, but as I've gotten older I've noticed my pores getting a tiny bit more visible.  After only using this cleanser a little over a week, my skin is touchably softer and I can see that my pores are smaller.  Don't go back and forth about buying it - JUST DO IT.
2.  Lancome Creme Radiance Cleanser - This has been my every day cleanser for years!  I love this stuff and even though I've been using the Rodan + Fields cleanser, I still use this as my every day cleanser.  I use it to remove my eye makeup especially.  You only need to use a pea-size amount and it foams up great and removes every bit of makeup from my face.

3.  Oil of Olay Complete Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin - I have been using this moisturizer since I was 14 years old (so, nearly 14 years!).  I cannot stress enough how important it is to use SPF in your daily moisturizer even if you won't be in direct sunlight.  The health of my skin has become even more important to me as I get older.  I notice women every day who I would peg for being much older than they actually are and am stunned when I hear their actual age - and most of that has to do with the health of their skin!  This stuff has been my go-to and I love it dearly.  It goes on smooth, lasts forever and dries quickly without leaving me feeling sticky.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Maeci's Makeup Routine

Last week, I talked a little about my skincare regimen. I mentioned that I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to skincare, but I'm a little more laid back with makeup. 

I've never really enjoyed playing in makeup. I've always been more of a necessities kind of girl. So, you'll rarely see me in colorful eye makeup, or any eye makeup besides mascara, really. 

Here are my daily go-to makeup items...


1. Concealer: I have terrible dark circles under my eyes; they're apparently hereditary (thanks, mom!). I like Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer because it works double duty - it covers dark circles while reducing puffiness. It never creases, it lasts all day, and a little goes a really long way, so I only buy it about once a year.


2. Mineral Powder Foundation: This is a new staple. Until about a month ago, I wasn't even wearing foundation (I'm lazy, y'all). But, I succumbed to the fact that I need a little help in the uneven skin tone department. I love the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder because it looks natural, it provides great coverage, and it makes my skin glow. 


3. Blush: I use blush to help brighten my face. My favorite summer blush is Clinique's Iced Lotus - it's bright pink in the compact, but it looks so great on. And, I love NARS Orgasm for fall/winter. 


4. Mascara: Please, if you're going to pick just one makeup item, choose mascara. It makes such a HUGE impact. As I've mentioned before, I love the Benefit They're Real mascara. You can really glam it up with this mascara, but it's great for everyday too.


5. Lipstick: After mascara, lipstick is the second most important makeup item for me. I think EVERY WOMAN looks better with lipstick. Seriously, every single one. It brightens your face and makes your teeth look whiter. Throw on some mascara and lipstick and look like you've actually put effort into getting ready (even though it takes less than 5 minutes). I got some Chanel lipstick for my wedding day. I'd never used it before, and it is a little pricey, but I really like it. It's creamy and just enough color. I'm using Chanel Rouge Coco in Irresistible.

So, that's it. On average, I spend 10 minutes or less doing my makeup each morning. What's your morning makeup routine? Which product can you not live without? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Maeci's Skincare Regimen

I'm totally low maintenance when it comes to makeup, but it's another story when it comes to actual skincare. I think it's so important to take care of what's underneath all that makeup...otherwise, the makeup will never look as good as it should!

So, here's a little peek into my skincare regimen...


1. Monthly facial/dermaplaning: This is my biggest splurge, but I think it's totally worth it. I get a Vitamin C Fusion Facial with dermaplaning once a month. Bonus, the facial includes a neck, shoulder, and hand relaxing!

Dermaplaning is a simple and quick procedure that basically exfoliates your skin and removes fine hairs. It's nothing like dermabrasion, so don't be scared! There is no heal time, and your skin feels SO SOFT afterwards! 

If you're looking for an esthetician in Montgomery, you should definitely check with Lauren at Montgomery Aesthetics Med Spa! She's the best.


2. Obagi Nu-Derm Cleanser: I started using this cleanser on recommendation from Lauren. It removes my makeup (including my hard to remove mascara) and makes my skin feel squeaky clean. And, it's gentle enough to use twice a day. I'm working my way up to the total Nu-Derm system, but it ain't cheap!


3. Retin A Cream: Both my dermatologist and my esthetician have told me that Retin A is one of the most important components of a good skincare regimen. It helps your skin renew itself so it stays clear and glowing for years to come. I switch between Renova and generic tretinoin cream. I like Renova because it's really creamy and feels more like a lotion than a treatment cream, but it's a little expensive. So, tretinoin cream does the trick and only costs me about $10/tube. And, those little tubes last forever!


4. Moisturizer/sunscreen: I used to never use moisturizer because I was under the (false) assumption that it made my skin oilier. Now, I use it every morning and night. I like the Olay Regenerist system because it's a great value. Moisturizers can be expensive! Plus, the Oil of Olay company has stood the test of time (over 50 years in business), and the products have received great third-party reviews. 

And, it's important to wear sunscreen every day! Believe me, I LOVE the sun. I used to go to the tanning bed in preparation for Spring Break and use tanning oil with no SPF. I was crazy. But then I had a skin cancer scare last year! Luckily, it was Basal Cell Carcinoma, which is the "best" kind of skin cancer you can have. But, I still had to have it removed, and I have an ugly scar on my back. 

Ideally, you'd use a separate sunscreen. But, I prefer to use moisturizer with SPF to cut down on getting ready time. 

So, there you have it. I'll outline my makeup routine later this week (it's much less involved). What is your skincare regimen? Do you have a favorite product you can't live without? Let us know so we aren't missing out!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cat-like Reflexes

Happy Friday! Thank goodness for a short week this week, right? The past several years, leopard print has been a huge trend - and I definitely don't see it going anywhere any time soon.  I love leopard as an accent, the focal point for an outfit and I love that leopard is considered a neutral now!

Here are a few of my favorite leopard items I've seen for fall...

I picked up the dress below recently and let me tell you: the picture online does not do it justice.  It is the perfect little shift dress, and looks great dressed up or down. Pair it with a blazer and pumps for work, or denim jacket and black ankle boots (like these) for a more casual look.  I'm on the hunt for some brightly colored blazers to pair with it, too!

'Ocelot Leopard' Infinity Scarf

'Kayla' Leather & Calf Hair Pointy Toe Flat

Also, Ann Taylor has been killing it lately. KILLING IT.  They definitely stepped up their game, which is good considering Montgomery doesn't have a whole lot of shopping options.  Do y'all love the leopard trend?  Or have you completely decided against it?