Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kelley's Skincare Regimen

Maeci shared her skincare routine with y'all last week, so now it's my turn to share my skincare routine with y'all!  My skin is normal to dry and I don't get blemishes often - and I like keeping it that way.  Admittedly, I keep my skin routine simple - and that's mostly because I know myself.  I know if things get too convoluted with my routine I'll get overwhelmed with the amount of products and just give up.  So with my simple routine, here are my go-to items:
1.  Rodan + Fields Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask - I have never used a product that I could visibly see results within the first few days of using it - and I could certainly see results with this one!  It's a bit on the pricier side, but I will say it is hands down worth the splurge.  I've been lucky in the skin department and rarely get a blemish, but as I've gotten older I've noticed my pores getting a tiny bit more visible.  After only using this cleanser a little over a week, my skin is touchably softer and I can see that my pores are smaller.  Don't go back and forth about buying it - JUST DO IT.
2.  Lancome Creme Radiance Cleanser - This has been my every day cleanser for years!  I love this stuff and even though I've been using the Rodan + Fields cleanser, I still use this as my every day cleanser.  I use it to remove my eye makeup especially.  You only need to use a pea-size amount and it foams up great and removes every bit of makeup from my face.

3.  Oil of Olay Complete Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin - I have been using this moisturizer since I was 14 years old (so, nearly 14 years!).  I cannot stress enough how important it is to use SPF in your daily moisturizer even if you won't be in direct sunlight.  The health of my skin has become even more important to me as I get older.  I notice women every day who I would peg for being much older than they actually are and am stunned when I hear their actual age - and most of that has to do with the health of their skin!  This stuff has been my go-to and I love it dearly.  It goes on smooth, lasts forever and dries quickly without leaving me feeling sticky.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beauty regimen, Kelly! Well, you don’t have to use a lot of beauty products to take care of your skin. Gently washing your face with mild cleansing foam, toning with cleanser, and applying a moisturizer, are quite enough make you look radiant. But of course, using something that will enhance your look once in a while would definitely not hurt. Cheers!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders