Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's In My Virtual Shopping Cart?

I'm a big believer in online shopping. I rarely go shopping unless it's to a local shop where I can't purchase online. It's just so much easier to have everything delivered right to my door. Plus, it makes for a nice surprise when I get home from work!

Here are some of my recent online purchases...

Via Birchbox
Benefit They're Real! Mascara: I love this mascara. A friend told me about it after I asked if she was wearing false lashes (she wasn't). On a daily basis, I usually just use one coat for a more natural look. But, you can really glam it up with two or three coats. This mascara makes your lashes look full and long!

Via Nordstrom
Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm: "Killer shoes don't have to kill your feet." I bought this for my wedding rehearsal and wedding day. I, for one, am totally miserable if my feet are hurting; it just ruins everything. This balm is supposed to create a protective barrier to prevent blisters and rubbing. And, it's not sticky and doesn't ruin your shoes. I will be rubbing this all over my feet come next weekend!

Via Kirribilla
Kirribilla Whitney Dress: I have been DYING for this dress since last summer; I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. So, as soon as it went on sale, I jumped. It's so pretty in person, and I love a peplum. I'm thinking about wearing it to my bridesmaids' luncheon and on our honeymoon. 

Via Zappos
Crocs Ballerina Estiva: You read that right...CROCS! I never thought I would buy a pair of Crocs, but these were too cute (and comfy!) to pass up. These are part of the Crocs Stefano Furiani Collection...they actually don't even have the word Crocs anywhere on the shoe, and the box just says Stefano Furiani. But, these babies are so comfortable and lightweight! I got these because I needed some comfy flats to wear on our honeymoon. I've already worn these to work a few times, and they're like walking on air. While I'll never buy the Crocs potato-looking shoes, I am sold on these!

Via Beryll c/o TODAY Show Steals and Deals

Beryll Canvas Tote Bag: Have you heard about the TODAY Show's Steals and Deals? I'm absolutely obsessed. Every few weeks, they feature insane deals on all kinds of goodies. For example, this tote bag retails for $485 on; I got it for $70 on Steals and Deals. You can follow TODAY on Facebook to find out when the deals are going on...they only last 24 hours. 

What were some of your fave purchases lately? Did anything on my list catch your eye?

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