Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Fragrance

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For several years, my everyday perfume has been Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.  But since summer is practically here in Montgomery, I wanted to switch it up and go for something a bit lighter and with a few more floral notes.  Enter Clinique Happy In Bloom!

It's a beautiful scent that has sweetness to it, without being sicky sweet.  I want to smell like a lady, not a tween (or a teen. or Miley Cyrus).

Happy In Bloom is a seasonal scent, so they only come out with a specific number of bottles and once they're out, that's it.  I tried getting some last year and they ran out, so when I needed new perfume over the weekend I knew exactly which counter I was headed to first.  And luckily they had it in stock!

Have you tried Clinique Happy In Bloom?  Do you switch up your scents with the seasons, or do you have a signature scent?

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