Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover Updates

I'm on a mission to update our master bedroom, and we made a lot of progress last weekend. 

You can see here where I started with updating the bedding. That made a huge difference. But, it definitely needed a lot more work. 

Here are a few before pics...

See those lovely drips on the wall above the bed? That's where the plastic on the back of the frame MELTED. So attractive.

Obviously, we didn't get the room picture-ready, so the after pictures will be even MORE dramatic (I hope). 

The best part about this makeover is that I used a lot of stuff we already had. Those pressed ferns are from Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta, and I got them framed at Hobby Lobby. We also have four pressed flowers hanging the den. We've had them for several months. 

We did buy the mirror at Pier One over the weekend. It was a silver color, but I used Rub 'n Buff to make it gold, and I love the way it turned out.

That Lake Martin print on the left wall was a marital compromise. R.B. loves it, and since he's been so great with me taking over the house, I wanted to give him a little something to make him happy. 

This corner was empty beforehand. I had the chair, table, and lamp in my old apartment. The basket is a wedding gift from Williams-Sonoma. That little quirky vase is from an estate sale in Montgomery. And, we bought the pillow over the weekend from World Market.

This is my favorite little part of the room. Those are watercolors of prominent buildings in Tuscaloosa. I got them at an antique mall there last year. I got the gate-leg table from Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall a couple of years ago for a steal. 

We used a Behr color match of Sherwin Williams Rice Grain paint-and-primer-in-one for the walls. It only took two coats, and we finished in a couple of hours. 

So, there you have it. We still have the whole back wall to figure out. 

Aren't the tv and dresser really sad looking by themselves?

And, we have this little gem to deal with. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but those blades are seafoam green. When was that ever popular? 

What do you think? Help me fill that back wall; I need your ideas! And, we'd love to see your home makeovers!


  1. Such an entertaining home makeover!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! The transformation is just amazing. The bed looks so inviting right now, and those decor pieces are marvelous. My particular favorite is that sun mirror as a center piece, which is very chic and fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing the before and after pics! I hope all your future projects be equally as successful.

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store