Monday, July 28, 2014

Master Bedroom Bedding Makeover

Ever since R.B. and I have gotten married (a month ago today!), I've wanted to update the master bedroom. It is definitely a bachelor's bedroom. 

Sooo...while R.B. is out of town, I decided to start on the bedding. Surprise, R.B.!

I started looking online for bedding last week and couldn't really find anything I loved. So, this weekend while I was in Birmingham, I decided to run by Pottery Barn and check out what they had in the store. And bonus, they were having a bedding sale!

So last night, I stripped the boring gray bedding off the bed and replaced it with the beautiful linen Pottery Barn bedding!

The duvet, matching pillow shams, and three euro shams are from Pottery Barn. I need to get bigger pillows to fill out the blue shams, but they'll have to do for now. The two white/gold pillows are from Pier One, and the gold bow pillow is an old one I've had for awhile (I think it's from Kirkland's). I'm thinking I'll need to add some pillows or add a blanket/throw to the foot of the bed, but I'm much happier with it now. 

Now that I've gotten the bedding figured out, I'm ready to jump right in to a complete overhaul of the room! I'm going to get Kelley to come over and help me figure out what else needs to be done, and we'll document the makeover on Z+M!

What do you think? How could I enhance the bedding even more? 

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