Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY Picasso Animal Art

We moved into our new rental house in November, but it all happened so quickly that it's been hard to get organized and decorate and all that jazz.  I've had six of these Ikea Nyttja frames for quite some time now, but couldn't figure out what or where I wanted to hang in them until I realized (duh) that I should try and recreate my favorite living room look!

So, I started with the art and picked up some mixed media paper, printed out a few of my favorite Picasso animal images (you may need to adjust the size of the images when printing) and got to work.

I started by taking my images and centering them on top of my art paper.  I traced over the lines with a thick ball point pen.  Doing so, left an imprint of the traced item on my art paper...

Since I didn't want the background of my art paper to be stark white, I used a small foam paint brush and some light gray watercolor to age the paper a bit and make it stand out against the white mat.

Side note: Those aren't really mats!  After finding out that the most basic of mats for these six frames would be more than $130, I decided to use thick cardstock and an exacto knife to create the illusion of mats.  Bada-bing. Bada-BOOM.

I used a thin black sharpie to go over the imprint leaving me with this...

I finished up the remaining animals and placed them in the frames (DIY on the frames soon!)...

I'm already loving how they look!  We'll be posting the DIY on the frames next week and showing you where their new spot in the house is.

Have a great weekend!

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