Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Gel Nails :: Update

If you missed the how-to on our at-home DIY gel nails manicure, you'll definitely want to check it out after you see how my mani stayed in place for a full seven days!  Since it worked so well, I knew I had to update so y'all could see for yourself...

It wasn't until Day 7 that I had even one tiny chip.  You can see it on the corner of my pointer finger on the Day 7 photo.  I really couldn't believe how well our tutorial worked and how long it lasted, and will absolutely be using this method all the time.  I love a good salon mani, but this will be my go-to method for when I can't get to the salon and don't want to fork out the dough.

I'll also point out that a good top coat is essential - so make sure to check out what we used on the DIY tutorial!

Have you guys used our tutorial?  If so, send us your pictures!  We'd love to show off y'alls manicures!  Do you have any tips or tricks to making your mani last?

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  1. looks great! I use a different type of quick-dry (Seche Vite sometimes makes my nail color "pull back" from the nail). I prefer Orly Flash Dry drops as my finisher. Super shiny and salon looking! Saving $40 per month on manis really adds up. cute blog :)