Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art on the Lake

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we visited Art on the Lake at Lake Martin, which is a fundraiser for Children's Harbor.  Artists from all over the state set up shop for two days and displayed various forms of art, ranging from traditional paintings to handmade metal sculptures. The view from the show was perfect!

They had these great seating and dining areas set up by Summer Classics.

We loved these metal pieces and sculptures made by Simply Ornamental out of West Blocton. Isn't that state of Alabama adorable?!

Zelda's lookalike even made an appearance!

Zach almost took this bad boy from Stray Cats Home Decor out of Childersburg home with him.

These crosses and church paintings were beautiful! They're by a group of artists out of Birmingham called It's So You Funky Art.

The beautiful angel paintings below are by a friend of mine named Jane Fleming out of Montgomery. She and DuRhonda Lamb, another friend of mine from Tuscaloosa, created Angels and Antlers. You can see some of DuRhonda's cool antler creations below as well. 

The cute cow and lake scenes below are by Birmingham artist Carol Carmichael.

Joan Curtis from Birmingham had some beautiful work. The flowers below were some of my favorite of the day.

After the art show, we enjoyed dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, SpringHouse. Overall, it was a lovely way to spend our Saturday. I hope you'll take time to check out some of these artists and send them some love!

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