Friday, May 23, 2014

Estate Sale Shopping

Y'all.  We made it to Friday.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Because you I deserve it.  Ok, now on to the post.

One of mine and Maeci's favorite activities is checking out estate sales.  We spotted a good one on EstateSales.NET and went to check it out on Wednesday.  If you haven't used this site before, you absolutely need to check it out.  You can sign up to get updates on the new estate sales every week in your area (and any other area you choose), and majority of the time there are photos that go along with the details of the sale.

The sale Wednesday had some great antique chairs!

The chairs were all beautiful...and had a big, beautiful price tag that went with them!  Sometimes, we know the sales are going to be a little pricey when we go into them, but we still love checking things out and you never know what treasures you might find.

There were also LOTS of gorgeous rugs...

As much as I loved them, I think Zach might have made me live out in the storage shed with the rest of my rugs if I brought another one home.  I also thought this table and the blue and white planter on it were fab...(not to mention the rug!)...

We picked up the planter to check it out (and the price) and although it was only $40, we noticed another small price tag on the bottom from when the owner must have purchased it that read "$19.99" and a little made in china sticker.  Kind of lost its luster after that!

These little bamboo accent pieces were pretty cute, and I could totally see them spray painted and set next to a fireplace to decorate the space, or even add a little cushion to the top and use it as a small ottoman...

Aren't these little gold rimmed bowls great?

There were also a couple great pieces of furniture..

 and don't you love that bowl?!

Although we didn't take anything home with us, we definitely still had fun and saw some great pieces!  Do you guys love going to estate sales?  Or have you been hesitant to try one out?

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